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Michael Sinclair

"Clean URLs"

URLs should be easy to remember and follow a logical format. Thus, I will present a quick run-down of URL formats -- these may change at a later date.


(or some other noun in place of codex for the encyclopedia)

The primary purpose for such a format is to make it easier for players to navigate. Take, for example, the first URL above. Instead of having to search for the character or for a post by a character, you can simply type in their name and be brought to their profile page.

This eliminates an ugly URL that would otherwise be similar to:

"Clean URL":

We see this all the time on sites such as this one (LiveJournal), etc.

This has made me rethink the database structure in reference to unique identifiers for certain objects (such as characters, players, etc). Since character & player names should (and will be required) to be unique, there is very little need to identify them by a numerical identifier.

However, there comes some question to how this would work with the forum.


Topic titles are very likely to be duplicated at some point, and it would be very annoying to players to have to rewrite their topic title if it already existed. As well, who would really try to get to a specific topic by typing it in? Thus, forum access would probably be similar to the standard / current format on AvidGamers.

Which is a little less ugly than:

(Area names would not be duplicated, and are managed by staff, so there is no worry about that.)

Comments / suggestions are not requested for this post, as it is more of a notice, but if there are any comments / suggestions, by all means post them! :)
Tags: accessibility, frontend, urls
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