Michael Sinclair (rykos) wrote in gamine_dev,
Michael Sinclair

Welcome to the Gamine Development Site

For those of you who have no idea who I am, or what this community is... yet you've mysteriously found yourself as a member, let me clear up the confusion. This community is the center of development for something currently known as Gamine, a web application designed specifically for text based roleplaying communities such as Temporal Sands and The Realm of Imagination.

The purpose in creating this community is to allow you (the potential world builders) to input your suggestions for features you may require, and as potential game players, to suggest features that would be helpful or add interest to gameplay.

Your feedback is very highly welcome and asked for. Hopefully this will help me keep working along, as well as keep everyone informed of my current stage. Feel free to point people from your games here as well. All are welcome and the more people there are with helpful comments, the better this will become.

That is all. Thank you.

- Michael Sinclair
- Gamine Admin/Dev
Tags: introduction
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