Michael Sinclair (rykos) wrote in gamine_dev,
Michael Sinclair

Language Demo

Demo | Source Code | Control Panel Demo

In the above demo, you will see two sections of the page. The first section displays the array that is returned by the actual code (which can be seen in the source code link). Below that you will see the text of the post as translated (on the left) and in its original form on the right. The piece of text at the bottom demonstrates that other tags are not parsed.

For now, all the code does is scramble the contents of the dialogue (if the language is not known by the character). In the above example, the character knows "elven" and "orcish". Also, players will not be able to use just any random word inside of the language tag in attempt to scramble/change text to a language that no character knows. Languages will be added as necessary via the admin panel. As well, it should be noted that at this time, quotation marks are not required to be present around a series of dialogue for it to be translated. (I may change that at a later time, still unsure). But it should be known that users trying to make their entire post unreadable to other users will be reprimanded.

Again, this is just a demo and eventually I hope to put together a better language system.

(The control panel demo above does not actually allow changes, it is a static representation. Each "site" will have their own themed panel -- TS is shown above, RoI will be green, etc.)
Tags: admin, cp, demo, feature, frontend
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