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Michael Sinclair

Language & Private Messaging keys

Earlier today I was contemplating the ability to allow users to assign themselves a private messaging key. What this would mean is that a user could enter a key phrase (with a length of 8-16 characters) in their settings, and when sending private messages, they could set whether or not to use the key. If used, the message is encoded and can only be read if the accepting user knows the key.

Now, while seeming rather pointless, it would be a means of ensuring that the message could only be read by the intended recipient. That way, should an account become compromised (such as forgetting to log out on a public computer, a relative messing around on your computer, etc), messages containing private information cannot be read.

Yes, that would seem overkill, and I doubt anyone would have information that sensative being sent through private messaging. However, I also had another idea stemming from the one above, which is the reason for stating that one.

When roleplaying, all characters appear to speak in commonspeak, regardless of race or intelligence. And as much as the owners of characters would like to be able to speak the languages of their characters, it is quite a difficult task -- especially when some languages just cannot be learned. Then there is the fact that just because one person learns it, it does not mean anyone else will have learned it. Therefore trying to use fantasy languages on a free-form roleplaying site is virtually impossible.

Or is it?

This is where my idea from above comes into play. It would work like this:
Upon registering, players would select one language which their character speaks and understands. From that point on, their language would be set and unchangeable (unless a request was made to an admin with a legitimate reason for doing so). Languagues could be added as well, if there were to be a legitimate reason for doing so. Requests would be made to an admin.

When posting, there would be tags that a user could use to post dialogue in their "native tongue". An example just for demonstration sake would be:
Darius looked from each of the representatives. Each one a brutish orc wielding heavy battle axes. He spoke to them in their own language out of courtesy, "{language:orc}Why do you seek council with Lianae?{/language}"

The resulting post would appear entirely in English (without the tags being visible) to any character who has "Orcish" as a language. To anyone who does not, it would appear as follows:
Darius looked from each of the representatives. Each one a brutish orc wielding heavy battle axes. He spoke to them in their own language out of courtesy, "Hom diggidy dom doum domf art?"

What are your thoughts? Suggestions? :)
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I... particularly *love*... you translation of orcish. *falls over laughing*

And, of course, I love the idea. Does this script encode things randomly? So if, for instance (as she might be prone to do), Telnia would be speaking in elvish and then a few minutes later, in Er'yen, the coded "languages" might possibly not look like the same thing? Not that I'm complaining about details, ohno, I just wonder. ^^

...you are a genius. XD
:P @ translation
Glad you find it amusing. :)

The coded languages would look the same at all times (unless I change the way it encodes them at some point, which would then mean that it would look the new way from then on).

The technical details would be like this:
1. Find instances of language tags
- {language:orc}This is orcish!{/language}
2. Parse data inside language tags
- "This is orcish!"
3. Encode using language file
- "Dhask udo ahdo!"

It will work on entire blocks of text most likely, instead of a word for word replacement. I'll post more details later on this as I develop it into a working model. :)
First Idea: It might be overkill, but it's nifty-keen anyway.

Second Idea: This is AWESOME. *hails t3h Mike* Although... what if a character speaks more than one language? Could you set it for that too? For example... say you have an elf charrie who (of course) speaks Elvish, but what if he/she knows Orcish too?

Anyway, fun times. ^_^
Yes, if a character has multiple languages, they will be able to read all posts in those languages (as well as "speak" them).

If I didn't mention it in the main post, characters will not be able to speak languages that they don't know. If they try, it will simply come out as commonspeak. (Though it would be quite amusing to translate it to commonspeak that makes the character sound mildly retarded). ():)

Lol! I love that. That could actually lend a lot of dimension to languages in-game, ie- a character *learning* a language by trying it out. So it sounds broken at first, but eventually they get to "graduate" to just knowing the language. ^^ Anyway, I do love the idea and whatever you can do/end up doing with the script will be just wonderful. XD