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Current Status

Not going to be able to make any updates for the next few days. Between classwork and managing a big server upgrade at work (adding on another server and beefing up the current one). Four digits a month server bill. Ouch. Glad that's not coming from my pocket. ;)

I have been learning some valuable lessons about handling large loads of traffic on a database-intensive site, though. Many which can/will be cross-applied to Gamine/Avernal. Already working on building in a decent cache system for things like the wiki and other areas of the site that will not be updated frequently. Areas such as the forums, though, are not likely to be cached just because of how frequently they will be updated.

Another thing that I am learning to do is to keep things as generic as possible in order to allow them to be transported across systems (such as migration from standard MySQL to MySQLi). It's easy to acknowledge the concept, but another to adopt that concept and actually implement it.
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