Michael Sinclair (rykos) wrote in gamine_dev,
Michael Sinclair

Mentoring System

Another idea from the lovely Sarah (semisonicstar).This one pertains to the guidance of new users and inexperienced older roleplayers alike.

In addition to, or in place of, the "Training Grounds", the idea has been suggested to have a sort of "Mentoring System". What does this mean, exactly? Well the basic idea is as follows:

A player joins the site. Upon joining, they are asked if they would like to be assigned a "mentor". Of course, the administrators are allowed to assign them a mentor regardless, if they feel it will help the player -- and new players are to made aware of this in some type of agreement on the application. This mentor will help them in several ways, a couple of which are post structuring and content quality. They will do this by reading over the user's posts (a mentor would be notified with a link to a post when one of their players posts) and sending back a mini-evaluation to the player.

There are a couple of ways this could work.... One would be to allow mentors the ability to edit their players posts (storing both the original and the edit) to show players where they could use work. The other would be similar to the current "Training Grounds" system. With the first, players would not be restricted to a certain area before being able to move on to the main world.

(Post amended by Sarah)
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