Michael Sinclair (rykos) wrote in gamine_dev,
Michael Sinclair

System Specifics [Updated]

For those of you interested, Gamine is currently being developed using:
Apache 2.0.54
PHP 5.0.4
SQLite 2.8.14 *
MySQL 4.1.13 *
GD Library (2.0.28 compatible)
FreeType 2.1.9

* -- At run time, the site will be operating on SQLite, with MySQL available as an alternative if required. I have never used SQLite in such an environment, so it will be sort of a stress test.
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o.o Mike, what is this? "Gamine"?
You've never heard of "Gamine"? :P

It's only the engine I've been working on for TS & RoI! :)

Visit some of the older entries? :D
*dances* Whee! Did I mention lately how much I love you, Mike? XDXDXD